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You can use the Scope GraphQL API to create precise and flexible queries for the data you need.


Get a quick introduction to GraphQL and why Scope AR is using it for their API here.

Basics of Using the API

Learn the basics of the Scope GraphQL API and its capabilities here.


Learn how to use the Scope GraphQL Explorer to interact with the Scope GraphQL API on real data and leverage the Scope GraphQL API for a variety of tasks by clicking here.


View reference documentation to learn about the data types available in the GraphQL API public schema.

Requesting Support

For questions, bug reports, and discussions about Scope Apps, OAuth Apps, and API development, email or submit a request here.

Consider reaching out to your Scope representative for:

  • guaranteed response from Scope staff

  • support requests involving sensitive data or private concerns

  • feature requests

  • feedback about Scope products


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